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Update Related Contacts in the InfoHub
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A member may add, edit or delete contacts related to a business via the Info Hub.


NOTE: In order for a member to update Related Contacts, they must have at a minimum Edit rights to Related Contact Info. To delete an individual the contact must have Delete access to Related Contact Info.  See Setup InfoHub Access for details on access levels.


  1. Click My Info in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Related Contacts tab.

  3. Click the Add Contact button to add a new contact. NOTE: Create privileges are needed to add new information. If the contact previously belonged to another member organization, adding them to a different/new organization via the Info Hub will NOT change their contact record in the back office; rather, it will create a new contact record, and will trigger the New Person Added to Existing Membership staff notification. Staff can then determine if the two records need to be merged in the back office or not.
  4. Click the   to edit existing information. NOTE: This option also allows the member to send the reset password email to the contact.
  5. Click Save if changes have been made.


NOTE: When a new individual is added to the related contacts, an email will be sent to those staff members who have subscribed to the New Person Added To Existing Membership notification.


Delete Contacts


A user with Delete access to related contacts can delete staff from the Organization. NOTE: This will not remove the individual from the database. It will inactivate the individual. 


  1. In the Info Hub click My Info in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Related Contacts tab
  3. Click the pencil for the individual you wish to delete.
  4. Click the delete button. 



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