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Copy a Fee Item (BP Mode)
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If you are using Best Practice (BP) mode you may not make changes to an existing fee item. You will need to create a new fee item. To make this easier, you have the ability to make a copy of a fee item. Learn more about BP Mode


  1. In the lefthand navigation panel, click Setup.
  2. Click Fee Items in the Services, Products and Commerce section. 
  3. Click the  icon for the Fee Item you wish to copy.
  4. On the Add a Copy of a Fee Item screen:
    • Rename the 
    • Make any changes that you wish. Refer to Setting Up Fee Items for more details of the fee item settings. 
  5. Click Done.


IMPORTANT: This is a brand new fee item and it will NOT automatically be tied back to locations you may be using the original fee item. For example, if the original fee item is tied to a membership type you will need to change the fee item associated to those membership types.


If you no longer wish to use the original fee item, you can deactivate it. This is good time for you to verify if whether the original is tied to any of your membership types, NAR ecommerce splits or M1 financial record.  See De-activate a Fee Item for more information.

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