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Update Directory Listing Information in the Info Hub
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NOTE: The member must have Create access level to the Directories to be able to update the directory listing settings. See Setup InfoHub Access for details on access levels.


The settings available to be updated will be dependent on the directory listing type this member has been provided.


  1. Click My Directory Listing(s) in the Navigation Panel. The My Directory Listing page will be displayed. NOTE: this page may display either a personal directory listing (the individual "owns" the listing for themselves) or a business directory listing (the individual is the primary contact for the business and has access to the related business record). The options are similar, but the display page may vary slightly depending on which type of directory listing is being accessed. In our example below, we are accessing the business's directory listing (for Amanda's Pajamas) via the primary contact (Smoky Icelandic) who does not have an individual listing themselves.
    The My Directory Listing page in the Info Hub
    If the individual has their own listing in addition to access to the business listing, there will be a dropdown at the top of the page allowing them to select the listing to edit.
  2. The edit pencil icon indicates which information may be updated. Click any edit icon to open the editing window for that information. 
    NOTE: Your icon color may be different depending on the colors selected when customizing the Info Hub!
    The ability to edit information in the listing is indicated by a pencil icon


  3. The following directory listing settings may be updated. Access to and ability to edit these fields are controlled by the access level(s) assigned to the individual. 
    • Contact Info
      • If for a business, you can edit the business contact fields such as emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
      • If for an individual, you can edit the individual contact fields such as emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
    • Directory Info: these are directory-specific fields that display in the directory and on the listing.
      • Search Description: this shortened description will display when results are displayed in List view.
      • Description: this is the full business description that appears when the directory listing is opened.
      • Keywords: these are keywords that can be used as search criteria in the directory search.
      • Highlights: Provides ability to add additional description of the organization in the directory.
    • Categories: the business categories under which the organization will be displayed in the directory. Categories can be used to search the directory as well.
    • Additional Info:
      • Member Directory Info:
        • Alternative Display Name (Leave Blank if Same as Contact) - This is the name of the organization that will be displayed in the directory. This is sometimes used when a company is under a DBA.
        • Alternative Sort Name (Leave Blank if Same as Contact) - If a company name begins with "The", this setting can be used to sort by the first descriptive word of the company name, or it can be set to the same as the Alternative Display Name for a company under a DBA.
        • Custom Fields: custom fields may appear here and be updated if permission is given via the access level to view or edit.
    • Images - Click the Add button  to add images to be displayed in the directory. (May be disabled depending on the listing type)

      Image Sizes: It is recommended you resize images for the image gallery to a consistent size prior to upload. Landscape images are generally in a 16:9 or 3:2 ratio; roughly 1333 x 750 pixels max; square images are in a 1:1 ratio with a maximum size of 750 x 750 pixels recommended.
    • Videos - Click the plus icon  and enter a URL for video(s) to be displayed in the directory. (May be disabled depending on the listing type)
  4. Click Done to save any changes.
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