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Create Mailing Labels for Lists/Committees
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From the Lists/Committees Module you can create mailing labels from the list's Contacts tab.


  1. In the Lists/Committees module, click the name of the list/committee for which you want to create mailing labels.
  2. Click the Contacts tab.
  3. Click the down arrow on the Add Contacts button and select the Mailing Labels option.
  4. In the Edit Mailing Labels window, make your selections:
    • Select the Label Format from the list. Standard Avery label formats are available.
    • Select the Mailing Sort Order.
    • Select the font you want to use from the Font Family list. Standard fonts are available.
    • Select the font size you wish to use from the Font Size list.
    • Select the Endorsement you wish to use. This allows you to define what you wish the postal service to do in the event mail is undeliverable, etc.
    • Include Business Name for Individuals and Primary Rep Name for Businesses - Enable this option if you want to include the business name on the labels when addressed to an individual, and the primary contact of a business when addressed to the business.
    • Include "or current resident" below addressee name on mailing labels - Select this option if you wish the labels to include "Or Current Resident".
    • File Format - Select the file format you wish to use.
  5. Click Done.

The system will process the download; a window will open with a prompt to save the file to your computer. Open the file and print.

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