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Setup - Projects Task Types
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Task Types allow you to categorize the tasks that you will use in your projects. The task types are the selectable, and available for filtering and reporting purposes. If you are creating a member onboarding project, an example of a task type might be "Member Onboarding". You can create your task types pro-actively through the Setup options, or you may create them "on the fly" when creating a new project or task.


  1. Click Setup on the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Task Types in the Projects section. A list of the task types that are currently configured in your system will be displayed.

  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Configure the following:
    • Name - Provide a name for the task type. This is the name that will display when you are selecting tasks, and will be used for filtering and reporting purposes
    • Description - Provide a description of the task. This will help you in understanding the purpose of the task
    • Ensure the Is Active check-box is selected
  5. Click Done.
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