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Contact Import Overview
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GrowthZone is committed to helping your organization reach its goals, and we know that data is key to making that happen. For some associations it is critical to keep their databases up to date with national, provincial, or other third-party information, but it can mean a lot of unmanageable dual entry without the right tools. With GrowthZone’s importing capabilities, save hours of staff time and reduce the need for tedious data entry. 


NOTE: The Import Contacts module is an add-on. If you are interested in purchasing please reach out to [email protected]


What does the Contact Import Tool do?

Easily import individuals and organizations into your database, with just a few clicks. With the Contact Import tool, association staff can keep their database up to date with the latest information without spending hours of staff time manually entering data.


This tool is designed to import standard information for both new individuals and new organizations - meaning, contact information, categories, and custom fields. For individual contacts, you can even tie them to an active membership.

How are others using this tool?

Here are a few specific examples of how this tool is helping associations save time:

  • A State Medical Society receives a list of individuals that have passed the state’s medical exams. Passing these exams automatically makes these individuals an official member of the state society. With the contact import tool, this association staff is able to quickly and easily create those members in their database.
  • A Regional Nursing Association can easily update their database with the new nurses shared with them by the American Nurses Association. On a monthly basis, association staff can add their new nurse members, with just a few clicks.   
  • A State Fire Fighters Association is able to import all of its renewing fire fighters into their database. Each fire station within the state sends up their list of active fire fighters, which for some cities it can be a large list. The import tool not only adds those fire fighters to the database, but also associates them to their appropriate fire station.  

How can I get started?
To get started, you will need to ensure you have the Enhanced Import module. If you do not have this module, this will be an additional fee. Reach out to the GrowthZone Engagement Team, and they will be able to confirm your settings and, if needed, add the appropriate fees to your subscription.

Once you have access to this tool, you can then start the import process. Individual information and Organization information needs to be in two separate spreadsheet files. If you intend to have individuals associated to specific organizations, we recommend importing the organization spreadsheet file first. That way, your individual spreadsheet can include the names of the organization they should be associated to, and upon import will automatically be matched up the organizations already created.


How does this tool work?

Check out the following knowledge base article that will layout important details, as well as walk you through the steps to import.  

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