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Email Display Issues When Using Outlook
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Unfortunately, Outlook overall is the general culprit of these issues, whether using the "standard" GrowthZone email editor or Email Designer. From what we understand, depending on the version of Outlook, it may be using Internet Explorer or even Word as it's HTML decoder, not a proper browser, so there always seem to be consistent viewing errors when Outlook is used in any of its various forms (desktop, Android/iOS app, etc). We've seen these issues reported in Constant Contact, MailChimp, and other HTML-based email editor forums across the internet. (Run a Google search for "outlook not displaying email content correctly"- the results are very telling.)  The option to ensure "perfect" display in Outlook involves working with the HTML code manually, and while possible, if you don't know/are familiar with HTML it's quite a chore and overall defeats the purpose of using a WYSIWYG (graphical) email editor of any kind.

Here are a couple articles for some tips on getting emails to display correctly in Outlook:

In Email Designer, the best option is to enable the "Make available as a webpage" option when sending out the email, which includes a link at the top of the email which will open in a (proper) web browser.

Unfortunately, the issue lies outside of our control. We've seen it over and over, for several years, even when working with GrowthZone's standard email templates; Outlook just has a mind of its own and no one has been able to come up with an editor of any kind that can format things so Outlook always displays them correctly.

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