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Contact Status
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Contacts in your database are organized by status. When a contact is first added to the database its status is set to Non Member.  Status will then automatically be changed from one status to another  when a specific event occurs (for example you drop a member).



Non Member: Indicates a contact who has never had a membership. When contacts are first added to your database their status will be non-member

Active: Indicates that the contact has an active membership OR is related to an organization/office that has an active membership. The contact status will change from Non-member to Active when you activate a membership OR approve a membership application.

Dropped: Indicates a contact who once had an active membership but that membership was dropped. The status will update when you perform the drop action in the database. 

Pending Approval: Indicates a contact who has applied for membership but you have not yet approved. This status is automatically set when a membership application is first received OR if you have chosen pending approval when you activate a membership in the back office.

Suspended (Realtor only): Indicates a contact that you have expressly suspended on the Unpaid Biling tab within the Membership module.


Status is automatically changed by the system and may not be manually changed. 

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