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Create a Sales Proposal Template
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If your sales proposals follow a similar pattern, you may create a template where the standard items are already filled in, and customize it when needed. A sales proposal template is included in your database. It is formatted to pull in key information, such as the logo information, contact information and so on. for the sales opportunity. If needed, you can customize this template to meet your needs.


  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Document Generation Templates in the Document Generation section.
  3. Click the copy icon to the far right under "Actions" for the Sales Proposal template.


Scroll to the bottom of the document list to view your copy. To change the file name or file type, choose the copied file name and complete your changes. Select the "edit" icon under actions to launch the template to view and edit. You will be taken to the document editor login. Enter your MemberZone user name and password to launch the document. Enable editing of the document, complete your changes, select save and close the document. Your changes will be saved. You can now choose this template where applicable.


Click here to view the Sales Proposal default template

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