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Selling 'Vouchers' to register for events
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In this instance, our customer wanted to enable their members to purchase a voucher-item from their Store, and then use that voucher to register for a pre-defined number of events (within a certain category) at a free or discounted rate.


  • Read the use case and implementation details here.
  • Watch a short demonstration video here.


The Voucher feature provides the ability for an association to sell a pack of event tickets to events with a specific category. This is perfect for associations with active sub-groups like Young Professionals or Women in Business. Attendees can buy a pack of tickets to attend these events and only need to submit one expense report to their employer. When they go to register for the event their ticket is free and they just need to enter any required information for the event like a meal choice or other information. Members will use this feature by purchasing a special “voucher” item from an association’s store. After purchase, the member can register for events like normal but any discounts provided by the voucher will be automatically applied to one event registration.


Requirements: The Store module is required to take advantage of the voucher functionality.


Vouchers - Initial Setup Steps

Staff have some initial setup work to create the voucher store item and to set up the discounts that manage the accounting side:


Set up Fee Item (Goods/Service) for Vouchers

A Fee Item (Goods/Service)must be set for the vouchers, with the following settings:

  • Fee Item (Goods/Service): Miscellaneous
  • Accounting Type: Cash Basis

See Setup Fee Items for further instructions.




Setup Discount Type for Vouchers

Setup > Finance > Discount Types A discount type must be setup with the following settings:

  • Discount Type: Event Registration
  • Saleable Item Type: Event Registration

See Setup Discount Types for further instructions.



Create Discount for Vouchers

Setup > Finance > Discounts A discount must be setup with the following settings:

  • Example Name: Young Professionals Discount
  • Discount Type: Voucher (from above)
  • Date: Year
  • Total Available: (per person)
  • Discount Percent: 100%


See Setup Discounts for further instructions.


Create Voucher

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Vouchers in the Finance section.
  3. On the Vouchers screen click Add.
  4. Configure the following:
    • Name: Provide a name for this voucher. This name may be displayed in your store.
    • Discount: Select the discount created for your vouchers.
    • (Optional) Description: Enter a description of the voucher.
    • Event Category: Select the event category to which this voucher may be applied.
  5. Click Done.


Create Store Item for the Voucher

In order for your members to purchase vouchers, these must be added as a product in your store. See Add Event Vouchers to Store for instructions on setting up your voucher product. 




How Vouchers Work


  • Member must access the store, and log-in to purchase vouchers.
  • Member registers for an event via the Info Hub. The event must be of the category set when the voucher was created.
  • Member receives the discount associated to the voucher for the event.


  • The user who purchased the voucher must sign in when registering for an event to receive their voucher discount.
  • The voucher only provides one discounted registration per event.
  • Vouchers used for a free event registration cannot be refunded if an attendee cancels their registration


Accounting for Vouchers

This assumes that the Fee Item (Goods/Service)s tied to an event registration are set up to be accrual-basis and recognized on the date of the event

Glossary: V: Voucher Fee Item (Goods/Service) RT: Registration Type Fee Item (Goods/Service) DT: Discount Type tied to Discount tied to Voucher


When a Voucher is Purchased:

  • Credit V Income Account
  • Debit V Deposit Account


When an Attendee Registers Using a Voucher

  • Credit RT Deferred Income Account
  • Debit DT Deferred Discount Account


When an Event Happens

  • Debit RT Deferred Income Account
  • Credit RT Income Account
  • Credit DT Deferred Discount Account
  • Debit DT Discount Account
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