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Web Content Overview
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Web Content provides you with the ability to create pages on your website with templates for Blog, Coupon/Deals, Job Postings, News and other ideas you create. You may add additional content types as needed to your database, then include them on your web-site, or the Info Hub or both.

Ideas for Web Content Types:


  • Job Postings – list of employment opportunities in your area. You may create separate content types, for instance, you may wish to showcase just your association postings on one page and have a separate type for your member postings.
  • Coupons/Deals – list of specials or online coupons. You may have one type for members only and another page listing deals available to any website viewer.
  • News – list of announcements, articles, newsletters or any other type of post. Create a news type for your association newsletters and create another for membership announcements.
  • Blog – a simple posting feature for creating blog posts. Note: Blog does not currently contain ability to comment.
  • Testimonials – share your membership stories. Include their logo/photo. Or use as a member of the month posting.


Did you know... A default email template, Encourage Posting of Deals, Jobs, News, Events, has been provided in your database to be used to encourage contacts to submit deals, jobs, events, etc. See View Default Email Templates for further information on working with templates.
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