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Approve Web Content Submissions
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Members may enter web content via the Info Hub. Members who are given Full Control overall to the Info Hub, or Full Control to Info Hub Web Content may submit web content without requiring approval from your association. A member with Create access to Info Hub Web Content may enter web content, but your approval is required before the content will be made public. See Setup Info Hub Access for further information on assigning permissions to your members.


Association staff responsible for approving web-content should subscribe to the User Created or Modified Web Content email notification. As soon as a member submits web content a notification will be sent to the staff who can then go to the Web Content module to approve the content submission. For Example: The email below is sent when a new hot deal is added via the Info Hub.



To approve web-content:


  1. Click Web Content in the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Click the tab for the appropriate web content. For Example: click Hot DealsNOTE: Hot Deals in this example is the customization for Coupon Deals content type. The tab is your software will display the name that you have entered for coupon deals content type.

    The Hot Deals tab will display all of your hot deals, the Content Status column displays the current state of the hot deal.
  3. Click the title of the hot deal you wish to approve.

    On the edit screen, you can review the submission, make edits, and approve the submission.
  4. To approve the status of the submission, click the Content Status drop-down.
  5. Click Approved.
  6. Click Save.


NOTE: After staff approved web content, the Web Content Approved automated message will be sent to the user who submitted the content.
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