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Create Web Content URL for your Web Page
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Your Web Content is a public module that can be displayed to the public on your website. From the back office you can generate a URL to embed on your site.


  1. Click Setup in the left hand navigation panel.
  2. Click GrowthZone Pages in the Website section.
  3. Click the for your site and select Module/Pages.
  4. Click Add Module.
  5. On the Add Site Module screen configure the following:
    • Site Module Type: Select Content from the list.
    • Module Version: Select the version (V1 or V2) that you wish to use for your web content pages. If V2 is selected, you can also select the Default Public Layout for your web-content (Small List, Medium List or Grid).
    • Content List: Select the desired content list.
    • Title: Enter a title for the new content. This title will be displayed on the web-site.
    • Relative Path: Enter a name for this content. This will be used to build the path for the content, recommendation is that this relative path be a shortened version of the title. For Example: If you have named this content "My Association Blog", you may simply enter "Blog" as your relative path. The Entire URL will be build off of the relative path.
    • Template: Select a design template from the list. The list will be populated with templates you have previously created.
    • Advertising:c If using the Sponsorship Module, you may configure the Advertising Type that will be displayed at the Top of the Page, and at the advertisement type to be displayed at the Bottom of the Page.
  6. Click Done. Your new page will display on the list of Site Modules.
  7. Click the hyper-link for your new page, to copy the url for the content.
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