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View and Match Un-Matched Emails
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If the archive email address is included in the BCC line of emails sent via Outlook, a copy of the email will be sent to the archive address. If the database is able to associate the email to a contact in your system it will do so. Emails that could not be matched may be viewed under the Communications module.


  1. Click Communications in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Unmatched Emails tab.

  3. A list of all unmatched emails will be displayed, to match these to a contact, click the Match  action button.

  4. Select the contact and/or the business to which you wish to match the email:
    • Use suggested - We've found a possible match: If the system has identified a potential match, the match will be displayed on the screen and you can evaluate if this is the appropriate match.
    • Find existing - Search your database: Select this option if you wish to search your database for a match. You will then be able to enter the name of the contact.
    • Create new - Create a new organization record: Select this option if you wish to add a new record.
    • Do nothing - Do not create or match any contact record: Does nothing; there will be no match and the only place to view or find the email will be in the Unmatched Emails tab.
  5. Click Done.
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