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Set up a Continuing Education Program/Certification
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While you technically do not need to create the parts of a program/certification in a specific order, it does make some sense to do some things first so you don’t have to go back after the fact and add them.

  • Continuing Education Category Creating Continuing Education Categories allows for better organization and more granular reporting. This can created on the fly, but it’s nice to have them ready to go when setting up your certification programs. See Continuing Education Initial Setup for instructions.
  • Fee Items If you will be charging for the Continuing Education programs/certification, through the GrowthZone software, you will need a fee item. If you do not have permissions to the Finance area you will need to work with someone who does to have this created ahead of time. Fee Items must be setup of type Educational Registration to be available in the Certification module. See Setting up Goods/Services for instructions.
  • Terms & Conditions You can have multiple Terms & Conditions and display the appropriate/relevant one on each program/certification. NOTE: There is no built-in checkbox an end user must check to verify they have read and understand the Terms & Conditions before they can move on. The Terms & Conditions are simply displayed for the user.



See it in Action: Setup a Certification and Add Components


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