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Link NRDS, MLS, Lockbox Status to Membership Status
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Automatically deactivating or reactivating a member’s access to related real estate services (MLS, Lockbox, NRDS) based on their membership status with your association provides significant time savings for your staff. During initial configuration of your system you can set the rules to be applied to NRDS, MLS and Lockbox status, based on a change on an agent's membership status. When a membership is suspended, dropped, or reactivated, the system will reference these settings to adjust real estate service settings accordingly. 


NOTE: Prior to setting up this automation, you should have completed all integration setup for your MLS, Lock Box, and NRDS. Additionally, this step should be performed after your membership types have been created. You may wish to test this out in staging prior to implementing in your production database.


To define your rules:


  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Membership Settings in the Membership section.
  3. Click Real Estate Settings.

  4. To set the rules for your membership types, click the Add button.

  5. Select the Membership Type to which you wish to apply rules.
  6. For each Membership status, select the rule to be applied to NRDS, MLS and/or LockBox. Note: The choices available will be dependent on your service provider, and you do not have to set rules for all providers. IMPORTANT: In NRDS, Suspended status is a special status that can only be sent January 1 - March 3 every three years. NRDS will reject any status change to Suspended outside of this timeframe. Refer to NAR documentation for further information on the cycle.
  7. Configure Days Overdue to Allow Reactivation: This option allows you to set a window within which invoices can be overdue and still allow the system to automatically reactivate a suspended members. This is especially important if you are billing members on a monthly basis.
    For Example:
    • Default invoice terms set to Due on Receipt, and Days Overdue to Allow Reactivation is set to 20.
      • Monthly billing is run on the 1st, and allow members to remain active if the invoice is paid by the 20th (i.e. within 20 days).
      • Agent A does not pay the invoice within 20 days, so you suspend the member.
    Then August billing goes out, and on August 7th Agent A remembers to log in to their Info Hub account and pays their July invoice, but leaves the August invoice unpaid.
      • Because they are within that 20 day window of the August invoice, the system will reactivate them; they aren’t “overdue” until August 21st due to the 20 days setting in the Days Overdue to Allow Reactivation.
  8. Click Done.


Repeat the steps above for each membership type to which you wish to apply rules. NOTE: You do not need to perform this step for all membership types. If no rules are set for a membership type, no changes to NRDS, MLS or Lockbox status will automatically occur.


Sentrilock: The Null status is currently not available for selection when setting up automation. If your association is not updating an individual's SentriLock card status, the card status should be left as No Change.
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