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Working with Primary Offices
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Although Offices are not "members" of the Realtor organization (the Realtor association is an individual member organization), the Office record must exist because each member must be linked to an office. This follows how licensure works in each state. Also, the office name, address, phone, etc is stored once in the office record so if an office changes the POE does not have to change that information in every agent record.


The POE for the Primary association of the Office can add or change an office for that association:


  • Add tells NRDS to Add the record. If NRDS finds an office record already exists with the same Office ID it will process the Add as a Change without the necessity of sending the record again. There is one exception to this rule: if the Office Name in the Add is different than the Office Name in the existing record then NRDS will reject the record and require that the record be sent as a Change rather than an Add.
  • Change tells NRDS to Change the record. If NRDS finds that an office record does not already exist by checking the Office ID it will process the Change as an Add without the necessity of sending another record.


Once the transfer is processed, you Association ID and POE Association ID will be displayed in the Information Section and the pencil icon will be available to edit information.

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