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NAR E-Commerce
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GrowthZone provides integration with NAR E-Commerce. Through this integration you can:


  • Easily handle splits of membership dues. You will have the ability to indicate distribution parameters and NAR will send along those amounts to state and national appropriately.
  • Store cards in the back office for future use and allow your members to store cards via the Info Hub.
  • Setup autopay for recurring purchases on stored cards.
  • Process refunds through the GrowthZone backoffice
  • Handle declined charges and receive notification of card processing failures.


IMPORTANT: NAR Ecommerce has periodic maintenance windows. During these maintenance windows, payments that are made will not be accepted by the processor. GrowthZone will temporarily turn off the ability to submit payments. A message will be displayed to let you and your members know, and suggest submitting payment at another time.
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