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MRED Integration - Initial Setup
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On initial installation of your software, GrowthZone will configure the initial connection to MRED. You will then be able to manage your agent's participation in MLS from the agent's Real Estate tab. GrowthZone will sync to MRED any additions or changes made to the MLS information on this tab. Records are synchronized every hour. MRED Office and Agent Files created, are zipped into one file and sent every hour to an FTP site.


Initial setup involves providing the FTP URL, Path, User Name and Password. This information is provided by MRED.


Initial Setup Considerations:


  • You have the option to enable Use Membership To Determine MLS Status. Selecting this option will automate updates to MLS status. For example, if you drop an agent, who has an active MLS status, the status will automatically be updated to InactiveImportant: this is designed to work when your members have only one membership.
  • You will decide if you wish to use the MLS ID Generator. If you select this option, a "Get MLS ID" button is available to you when assigning your MLS ID's. Enabling this option will prevent duplication of IDs.
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