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Change the Restrictions Set On An Email Address
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View a Report of Contact's Restrictions

Using the Contacts report you can view a report of your contact's restrictions. Include Transactional Emails Only and Do Not Contact in your fields to display. You can filter the results further by adding additional filtering such as Transactional Emails Only = True or Do Not Contact = True. See Contacts Report for further information on working with this report


Update a Contact's eMail Restrictions


From the back-office, staff can update the restrictions that have been set on an email address.


  1. Select the Profile tab for the desired organization/individual.

  2. Click the   icon, next to the email address you wish to update.

  3. From the Restrictions list, select the desired status:
    • None: There are no restrictions, the email address may be used for mass emails and individual emails.
    • Do Not Contact: No emails can be sent to this email address.
    • Only Transactional Emails: Only individual, transaction type (i.e. invoices, event confirmations, etc.), can be sent to this address. Specifically, this address will not receive emails sent to:
      • Lists/Committees
      • Dynamic Lists/Committees selected when you choose the ... option (next to the To) in sending an email.
      • When emails are sent to more recipients than the Email Bulk Mode Threshold (Setup > Communications > Email Settings)
  4. Click Done.


IMPORTANT The restrictions set will be set anywhere this email address is used. For example, if this individual is on any of your lists/committees, the email will be set to the restriction that you have set here. Additionally, If an email is synced to Constant Contact and is set to Only Transactional Emails by a staff user, the email will be unsubscribed from Constant Contact immediately.
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