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Logging Messages sent via Outlook (or other email service)
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In the Email Settings you will find an Archive Email Address. In order for your database to track emails that you have sent from Outlook (or other email services such as GSuite, etc.), you will want to include this email address in the BCC line of the email. A copy of the email will then be sent to the archive address for evaluation. If the system can associate the contact to whom you sent the email to a contact in the database, your Outlook email will be displayed on the communications tabs. Please note this is only a copy of the email sent; no delivery statistics will be available as the message was not delivered by the GrowthZone servers, only received by them.


IMPORTANT:  You must be set up as a staff member in the Growthzone software to use this feature AND the email address you are sending from must be the one configured in your staff account. In addition, the recipient must also exist as a contact in your GrowthZone database!



*NOTE: This video was recorded with the previous interface. We will be updating videos as quickly as possible.




  1. Select Setup in the Navigation Panel
  2. Click Email Settings in the Communications section.


If there are any issues in matching an email, the sender will receive a notification, as shown below. From this notification, you will be able to choose to whom the email should be associated.

If you as the staff person have more than 1 email address in your database, you will now receive your own separate email asking you to merge or clean up your duplicate email addresses but also giving you an option to choose where to store the email under the correct staff contact.

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