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Preview an Email
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If you have created an email with multiple images, merge fields, etc. you may wish to send a preview of the email to yourself or others. In the upper right-hand corner of the Send Email screen, you will find the Send Preview button.



Clicking this opens the "Add Quick Email Preview" window that allows you to easily send a test of your email to yourself or others.


  • In the "Send Preview To" field, add the email of the person you wish to receive the email preview.
  • In the "Using Contact Data From" field, select an email of a contact in your database; GrowthZone will use this record to populate any merge fields you may have in the email. This contact WILL NOT receive the email; it is only being used as a source of data for the preview.

NOTE: If you are testing merge fields, you will want to ensure you have an individual in the TO field of the email (even if temporary). This gives the database information to insert into the preview.


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