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View Email Delivery Statistics
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View Email Delivery Statistics

The Communication Delivery Stats will help you understand the effectiveness of your email communications. You will be able to gauge the success of your email campaigns by looking at open rates, reviewing whether an individual recipient received/opened the message. This allows you to see who did not receive the communication based on a delivery failure so that you can determine possible list/contact cleanup then redistribute.

  1. Click Communications in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. On the Browse tab, click the ellipsis  in the Actions column for the desired email and select Delivery Stats.

    The Communication Delivery Stats window will open.

To clarify the statistics available, let's say we sent an email to 1000 contacts.


Example Delivery Stats

  • Email Stats:
    • Recipients Selected: The total number of recipients to whom the email was originally selected to be sent. For our scenario, we have a list of 1000 recipients (contacts) from our database.
    • Removed Due to Invalid, Do Not Contact, or No Email Address: Any addresses to which the email was not sent due to an invalid email address, being set to Do Not Contact, or not having an email address on file. Let's say we have 15 contacts out of our 1000 that are on this list.
    • Total Recipients Sent: Recipients Selected subtracting Removed = Total Recipients Sent. In our case, 1000 selected recipients - 15 invalid/DNC/no email = 985 total recipients sent.
    • Delivery Failures: Any bounces or rejections from receiving emails/servers; a bounce occurs when the receiving server could not or would not accept the message. We receive 5 bounces from our email.
    • Successfully Delivered: Total Recipients Sent subtracting Delivery Failures = Successful Deliveries. 985 sent - 5 bounces = 980 successfully delivered messages.
    • Deliverability Rate: Successfully Delivered divided by Recipients Selected = Deliverability Rate. 980/1000 = .98, or 98% delivery rate.
    • Bounce Rate: Delivery Failures divided by Total Recipients Sent. Bounced emails hurt your reputation as well as GrowthZone's so it’s important to keep your bounce rate low (ideally as close to 0% as possible). 5 failures/985 sent = .005, or .5%.
  • Open Stats:
    • Distinct Recipients Who Opened: Number of unique recipients who opened the email. Out of our 980 successfully sent emails, 300 recipients (contacts) opened the email.
    • Total Opens: The total number of times the email has been opened. (An individual may open a message several times.) The email was opened 450 times total.
    • Open Rate: Total Opens divided by Successfully Delivered = Open Rate. 450 total opens/980 successful deliveries = .459, or almost 46% open rate.
  • Click Stats:
    • Distinct Recipients Who Clicked: The number of unique recipients who have clicked links in your emails. Out of our 300 distinct recipients, 200 actually clicked the link.
    • Total Clicks: The total number of times the recipients have clicked on the various links within your emails. The links were clicked a total of 225 times.
    • Distinct Clicks: Eliminates repeat clicks by the same person on the same link; essentially, it only counts the first time an individual clicks a link. The link was clicked once by 100 recipients.
    • Click Through Rate: Distinct Clicks divided by Distinct Recipients Who Opened = Click Through Rate. For Example: Let's say that you send out an email to 1000 recipients, and of those 1000 messages you register 300 distinct opens. Then, out of those 300 distinct opens, you record 100 distinct clicks. 100 distinct clicks/300 distinct opens = .333, or 33.3%.


NOTE: Delivery Statistics are not available for automated messages.


Download Email Delivery Statistics

Communication stats, described above, can be downloaded to an excel spreadsheet.

  1. Click Communications in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. On the Browse tab, click the ellipses icon  in the Actions column for the desired email and select Download Delivery Stats.

The delivery stats will download into an excel spreadsheet.

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