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Configure Sales Opportunity Status Reasons
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Sales Opportunity Status Reasons provide you with a way to categorize why a sales opportunity may be in a certain stage. For example, if a sales stage is "on-hold", you may use the sales opportunity status reason to provide further clarification on why the opportunity was put on-hold. Sales Opportunity Status Reasons are also used for reporting purposes that will allow you to further analyze


  1. Click Setup
  2. Click Sales Opportunity Status Reasons in the Sales Funnel section. A list of the Sales Opportunity Status Reasons already configured in your system will be displayed (none will be configured by default)

  3. Click the Add button

  4. On the Add/Edit Sales Opportunity Reason screen, enter a Name for the reason
  5. Click Done to save the new reason


NOTE: You may also add new reasons "on the fly" when creating a new opportunity in the Sales Funnel module.
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