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Create a Sales Opportunity
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  1. Click Sales Funnel in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Add Button.
  3. On the Add/Edit Sales Opportunity screen, configure the following:
    • Organization - Enter the name of the organization. If the organization already exist as a contact, the associated information will be populate. If this organization does not currently exist, it will be added to your contacts.
    • Source - To track how/where your opportunities are generated from, select a source from the drop-down list. The list will display sources that you have previously set up, and you may add a new source by clicking the + button. Click Here for more information on Sales Sources.
    • Sales Person - Select a sales person from the drop-down list. Your current staff members will automatically be populated in the list. Click Here to learn how to add staff users. 

      NOTE: If you are using outside sales consultants, they will need to be added to your database as staff users, be assigned an Access Level and have created their log-in credentials in order for them to be displayed in the drop-down list. You may wish to setup an access level with Overall System set to none. This will allow the sales consultant to login to the system, with no access to your database, but you will then be able to select them as the sales person when creating your sales opportunity. 

    • Sales Category - Select a sales category from the drop-down list. The list will display sales categories that you have previously used, and you may add a new sales category by clicking the + button. See Setup Sales Funnel Categories for further instructions.
    • One-Time Revenue - Enter the expected one time revenue (dollar) for this sales opportunity. You will be able to monitor expected one time revenue on the Sales Funnel Report.
    • Recurring Revenue - Enter the expected recurring revenue (dollar) for this sales opportunity. You will be able to monitor expected recurring revenue on the Sales Funnel Report.
    • Estimated Close Date - Enter the date that you expect to close this sale.
    • Probability - Enter the probability that you will close this sale.
    • Stage - Select the current stage of the sale. You may define various stages (i.e. cold, warm, hot) as part of the initial setup. If needed, click the + button to add additional sales stages. Click Here for more information on setting up sales stages.
    • Status - Enter the current status of the sale. The status list will display the statuses currently configured in your database.

    NOTE: Status is not a configurable field. Many reports in your software are based off of these, as well as various automated actions. For Example: When a proposal is accepted, the status of the opportunity will automatically be changed to Won.


    • Won/Lost Date - Leave this field blank. You will update this when the opportunity is either won or lost.

    NOTE: When a proposal is accepted, this date will automatically be populated with the date.

  4. Click Done to save the new opportunity.
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