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Create a Sales Proposal
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The sales proposal is a key step in your sales process. For example, For a new membership opportunity you may create a proposal for each membership type they could select. When you create a sales proposal in the database, you are also creating an on-line sign up page. You prospect will be able to view and accept the proposal directly from the on-line page. Setting up a proposal is a two step process.


Step One


  1. Select Sales Funnel in the Navigation Panel
  2. Click the contact for which you wish to create a proposal(s)
  3. Click the Proposals tab
  4. Click the Add button
  5. On the Add/Edit Sales Proposal screen, configure the following:
    • Name: Name this proposal.
    • Valid Until: Enter the date when the offer in your proposal will expire. When you create a proposal, you are also creating an on-line sign up page. Once the proposal expires, the prospect would still be able to view the proposal on-line, but would no longer be able to accept. 
      NOTE: If needed, you will be able to come back to this setting and change this date to re-activate the form.
    • Sales Proposal Template: Select a template. Prior to setting up a proposal, you will create proposal templates in Setup. The list will be populated with any sales proposals you have used previously.
    • Terms/Conditions: Select the terms and conditions that they will need to agree to to accept this sales proposal. For example, if this is a membership opportunity, you may have a list of terms that they must agree to to be an active member of your organization. The list will be populated with previously configured terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions may be created under Setup.
    • Message Template: The message template would include the information that you want to display on the sign-up page. If you have a common set of instructions that you use frequently, you can create a standard message template on the Setup page; or you can enter text into the Message On Sign Up Page.
    • Confirmation Template Override: If you wish to use a unique confirmation template, and over-ride the template you have set as default, select the desired template.
    • (Optional) Membership Type/Level: For reporting purposes, you can choose the membership type associated to this proposal. This does not display on the proposal itself, but would be a way of analyzing the types of sales you are making.
  6. Click Done to save the new proposal.


NOTE: You may create more than one proposal for an opportunity. For example, if this is an membership opportunity, you may create a proposal for a General Membership, and perhaps an Enhanced Membership.


Step Two


Step two of the Sales Proposal process is setting up the pricing details.


  1. Select the Proposals tab.
  2. Click the  icon in the actions column for the desired proposal.
  3. On the Sales Proposal Items screen cllick the Add button.
  4. Select the Membership Type and if applicable Level for this proposal. The Fee Items (Good/Services) associated with the type will automatically be populated. This pricing may be over-ridden if you are customizing this quote.
  5. OR
  6. If you wish to assign Fee Items manually, select the    icon for One Time Fees and/or Recurring Fees to assign the desired Fee Items . You may add as many Fee Items  as needed.
  7. Add additional fee items as needed by clicking the   icon.
  8. Once you have added all fee items click Done to save the pricing for this proposal.
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