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Dashboard - Getting Started Tab
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There are two tabs in your Dashboard area. If you're new to GrowthZone, your Dashboard may automatically open to the Getting Started tab, but you can click into the tab at any time.


The Getting Started tab contains information and a link to GrowthZone University, which contains free online courses on the Essential topics of getting started with GrowthZone. These courses are great for new organizations just getting started with GrowthZone, and for new staff unfamiliar with GrowthZone. For overviews based on job function, there is the Role-Based Training series- these short videos will let you know what GrowthZone can do and which modules you will likely be accessing in GrowthZone. The Essentials series of courses will walk you through each module, and include links to any relevant point-and-click walkthroughs in the Knowledge Base. And searching by job role (for example, Event Coordinator) will display all relevant courses for that job function.


And when you complete a course, you receive a certificate of completion!


GrowthZone University requires the setup of a login account; this account is separate from GrowthZone and is not attached to your GrowthZone login in any way. GrowthZone University is free to all GrowthZone customers.


The Getting Started tab
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