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Reassign Staff
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If a staff person leaves or their contacts need to be assigned to another staff member, use the Reassign Staff option under Setup > Staff Users. All contacts associated to the current staff person will be reassigned to the new staff person you pick. NOTE: This does not currently change assignments on Projects or Sales Funnel opportunities; it only applies to the Assigned Staff field that displays on the contact’s profile.


  1. Click Setup Staff Users in the Staff and Users Access section. A list of all of your staff users will be displayed.
  2. Click the arrow next to the Add button and select Reassign Staff.
  3. In the Reassign Staff User Contacts window, select the following:
    • Select the Current Staff Person. This is the staff member who is currently assigned to the contacts.
    • Select the New Staff Person. This is the staff member to whom you wish to assign the contacts.
    • Select the desired Relationship Type.
  4. Click Done. The system will reassign any contacts to the new staff person selected.
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