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Category List Options
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Category List Options

There are several options available to choose from which will define where the category will be able to be used throughout the software.

  • Business contact - organization record (business)
  • Individual contact - individual record (person)
  • Contact - both organization and individual record
  • Store item - products in the Store module (if applicable)
  • Membership - membership types
  • Sales Opportunity - Sales Funnel module (if applicable)
  • Content - Web Content module (if applicable)
  • Job - Job pages in the Web Content module (if applicable)
  • Hot deals - Hot Deals pages in the Web Content module (if applicable)
  • Event - Event module for organizing the calendar
  • Projects - Projects module (if applicable)
  • Certifications - Continuing Education module (if applicable)
  • Resource - uploaded materials in the Cloud>Resources area for the Info Hub
  • Tickets - not currently available to use in GrowthZone
  • Saleable Items - Goods/Services in the Setup
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