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Lists/Committees: Files Tab

If you have any files specific to a list/committee, such as waivers or contracts, you can upload them to this tab for quick reference/access by back office staff. If you have used a file to import contacts to this list/committee, those files will be available here as well. ![screenshot][1] [1]: https://hf-files-o…

Lists/Committees: Communication Tab

By selecting the "Communication" tab in any list/committee, you can review any communications that have been sent to the list/committee. ![screenshot][1] You can also send emails to any list/committee from this tab. * Clicking the **Send Email** tab in the upper right corner will open a Send Email window where yo…

Lists/Committees: Events Tab

If you have [set up a calendar][1] specific to a list/committee- for example, a calendar for Board of Directors meetings, only visible to that list/committee- any events on that calendar will display in the "Events" tab. ![screenshot][2] [1]:…

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