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Add a Membership to a Contact
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While most of your prospective members may apply on-line, you can also add memberships to your contacts directly in the database. When adding memberships to organizations, those memberships will automatically be inherited by the individuals associated to that organization. The steps below may be followed whether you are adding a membership to an organization or an individual.


  1. On a Contact's Overview tab, click the  in the Memberships section.
    Memberships Section
  2. On the Add Membership screen configure the following:
    • Business/Individual (Office/Agent): This field will automatically be populated by the contact to which you are adding the membership.
    • Membership Type - Select the desired membership type from the drop-down list. The list will be populated with the membership types you have configured for your system. See Adding a Membership Type for instruction on configuring your membership types.
    • Level: If the Membership Type selected includes levels, the Levels list will be displayed. Select the desired level from the list. See Add Levels to a Membership Type for further information.
    • Chapter: If using the Chapter module, the Chapter list will be displayed. Select the desired chapter.
    • Frequency:  Select the frequency at which the member wishes to be billed. 
    • Price Calculation Type Override: If your membership types have been setup for recalculation, this option allows you to over-ride that setting. If you do not wish this members dues to be recalculated in the future, select Do Not Recalculate Price. If no selection is made, recalculation will occur based on the settings of the Membership Type. See Recalculated Pricing - How it Works for further information. 
    • Courtesy: Select this check-box if this is a courtesy membership. The status of the membership will be Courtesy instead of Active and no scheduled billing will be setup for this member.
    • Sales Rep:  (Optional) Select the Sales Rep for this new member. This will allow you to track whom on your staff was responsible for this sale. 
    • Join Reason: (Optional) Select a Join Reason from the drop-down list. You can add a new Join reason by clicking the + button. Reports can be generated based on Join Reason, to help you in understanding what you new members are looking for from your organization.
    • Referred By Contact: If this new member was referred by an existing contact, you can enter the contact's name here. The referral will be noted on the members profile, as well as listed on the Activity tab of the person who referred. NOTE: You can use the Membership Referral Report to view and analyze all referrals. See Membership Referral Report for information on generating this report. 
    • Custom Fields: If you  have setup Membership Custom Fields for the selected Membership Type, the fields will be displayed. If the field(s) are required for dues calculation, you must populate them in order for pricing to be calculated.
    • Fees: The fees section will be automatically populated with the fees that you have associated to the Membership TypeLevel and/or Chapter. You may over-ride the fees as necessary.
    • Invoice Options
      • Print - Email: Select how the new member wishes to be invoiced. You may select one or both options. The option selected will be the default used when invoices are delivered.
      • Billing Address: Select a billing address. The drop-down list will be populated with addresses associated to the new member, or you may enter a new address by clicking the + button. Addresses displayed will be those associated to the Contact selected. If no selection is made, the system will use the membership owner's address.
      • Billing Email: Select a billing email. The drop-down list will be populated with emails associated to the new members, or you may enter a new email address by clicking the + button. Emails displayed will be those associated to the Contact selected. If no selection is made, the system will use the membership owner's email address.
      • Billing Contact: Select a contact from the drop-down list. The Contact selection sets the the billing contact for Scheduled Billing, as well as the membership billing contact. Contacts displayed will include the current organization and individuals, as well as parent organization and individuals if applicable. NOTE: If no selection is made, the Primary Contact for the organization will default, if no primary contact is assigned for the organization, the organization itself will be selected as the contact.
      • Invoice Terms: The Invoice Terms associated to the membership type will populate by default. You may select different terms from the drop-down list if needed.
      • Invoice Message: (Optional) Enter the message you would like included on the invoice.
    • Dates
      • Membership Start Date:  This will populate with the current date, as the members join date.
      • Next Bill Date: This will populate with the current date, and is then you to setup the members scheduled billing. IMPORTANT! If Enforce Date Rules on Fixed Renewal Month Memberships is enabled (Setup > Membership > Membership settings) you will not be able to change this date as it is driven by the membership term and renewal option.
      • Expiration Date: The system will determine the expiration date of the membership based on the term of the membership, and whether the membership renews on anniversary date or on a specific date. Both of these are configured when you setup your membership types. IMPORTANT! If Enforce Date Rules on Fixed Renewal Month Memberships is enabled (Setup > Membership > Membership settings) you will not be able to change this date as it is driven by the membership term and renewal option.
  3. Click the Advanced Options check-box to add Actions (Optional).
    • If you are using the project management module, you can associate a previously defined project template: Click the Create New Member Project check-box. Select a Project Template.
    • If you wish to set the membership status to Pending Approval, select this option from the Initial Membership Status list.
    • If you wish to over-ride price recalculation, select Do not recalculate price from the  Price Calculation Type Override
  4. Click Done to save the new membership.


The membership is now activated and an invoice has been generated.

NOTE: The default Primary individual contact for the organization is assigned as the primary contact for the membership. If no individual primary contacts exist for the organization, then the organization itself is the primary contact. See Change Organization Membership Primary Contact for information on changing the primary contact.


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