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Standard Tools
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Tools are basic content elements that are used to design your templates. Text, image, and button are some examples of the built-in tools. To start using these tools, you will simply drag them into your newsletter to add content. Content formatting options are displayed when a tool is add to your document.


Columns Tool

Rows and columns make it easy to organize content elements, like images and text. When getting started with designing your newsletter, you may wish to use the column tool to add columns and rows first, so you can then add additional content in just the right place. Drag & drop the Column tool into your template. You will then be able to define the number of columns in each row. Add as many rows as needed, you will always be able to go back and remove rows or change the number of columns you have added to the rows.



Button Tool

The Button tool can be used to drive your readers to action. Perhaps you want to send the reader to your events page, or event a fundraiser page. By using this tool you can send the reader to these external links. Alternately, buttons may be used to send an email, dial a phone number, or event send an SMS. Drag & Drop the button onto your newsletter, then you will be able to style to button, and configure the desired action.


Divider Tool

The Divider tool allows you to add styled horizontal lines that divide your content. This will help organize and add visual content in your newsletter. Drag and drop the tool into your newsletter, then click anywhere on the divider to open the editing tool. You will be able to change the thickness, length, and padding of the divider lines.




The HTML tool allows you to add custom HTML content into your template. We recommend that only users familiar with HTML use these blocks since adding custom code to the template can affect its rendering and responsiveness. Once you have added the HTML block to your newsletter, default code "Hello world!" is displayed, click on the content block to add you HTML code. You can write your own HTML or paste in existing HTML in the code editor, then click Save Code to return to the email template. As you enter your code, an immediate preview is displayed in your newsletter.


IMPORTANT: GrowthZone cannot troubleshoot any issues you may have with your HTML code. It is best to only use this tool if you have a working knowledge of HTML.




Image Tool

A newsletter full of text can be very boring to look at, and images can be a really great way of communicating what you're about to your readers. Images can help readers to connect with the content of your email and can keep their attention focused on the right area. Use the Image tool to add images to your newsletter. Simply drag & drop the image tool into your newsletter template, then upload your image and format as needed.


TIP: Because some email clients don’t display background images, ensure that your email looks good and works without images. Use alt text to describe any images you use so that even with images disabled, the newsletter will still make sense.


A variety of stock images are also available for you to use. Click the Images icon, to choose an image, and drag & drop it into your newsletter.




Social Tool

Including your social network icons on your template provides an additional opportunity for your members to connect with you. Include your company's Facebook page, twitter account, etc. We recommend that you add these social media buttons at the bottom of your templates. Drag & Drop tool onto your template, then select the social networks you wish to include, and provide the appropriate URL.



Text Tool

The Text tool allows you to add the text block to your newsletter. Simply drag and drop the block into your newsletter, and type your text. Standard word processing functions are available, such as font type, font size, font styling- bold, italic, underline, and so on- and others . The ability to insert merge tags allows for further customization, such as adding today's date, the Info Hub login URL, etc.




  • Ensure your text is easy to read, and avoid the pitfalls of using background or font colors that make your text difficult to read.
  • A variety of fonts are available for your text, however, stick to standard web safe fonts, such as Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman, and Courier. Not all fonts are supported universally, so if you’re using something niche, you may be at the mercy of having the email platform it’s displayed on change it to something else—which could potentially affect spacing, layout, and the overall look.

When working with the text tool, you have the ability to insert merge fields for further customization, such as adding today's date, the Info Hub login URL, etc.

Add Merge Fields Into Text

  1. Drag & Drop the text block into your newsletter.
  2. If needed, begin typing your text.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the merge field.

  4. Click Merge Tags and select the desired tag.


Video Tool

Videos embedded in your newsletter are a dynamic way to engage your readers. Using the Video tool, you can include a YouTube (full YouTube video only; YouTube Shorts type videos will not work) or Vimeo URL to automatically generate a preview image. The image will then link to the provided URL.



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