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Assign Staff to a Individual/Organization
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Assigning staff to contacts provides a way to organize contacts amongst your staff. For example, you may have a prospective member assigned to staff so the sales staff can better track those opportunities.

  1. On the Contact Profile tab, click the   icon in the Assigned Staff.

  2. On the Add Assigned Staff screen:
    • Select a Related Person from the drop-down list. All of your staff members will be displayed in the list. You may add additional related persons by clicking the   icon. 
    • Select a Relationship Type from the drop-down list. You may add additional relationships by clicking the   icon.  NOTE: Relationship types are a way by which you can organize, report and filter on relationships. See Contact Relationship Types for more information. 
  3. Click Done.


NOTE: If it is necessary to reassign staff, perhaps a staff member has left the organization, this can be done under Setup > Staff Users. See Reassign Staff for further information.
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