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Contact Relationship Types
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Contact relationships are used through-out the software to identify connections between organizations, individuals or even to your staff. For example, when working to onboard a new member, you may setup a relationship between that member and your onboarding staff.


The system provides several relationship types, which are displayed for selection when you are working with your contacts:


  • Org to Org: This relationship type is used to relate two organizations. For Example: You may have a main Bank, related to multiple branches. This type of relationship is assigned in Related Organizations on an organization's Profile tab. Select:
    • Location
    • Custom org to org
  • Person to Person: This relationship type allows you to relate individuals. For Example: You may wish to assign an existing individual as an ambassador to a new individual contact. This type of relationship is assigned on the Related Individuals section on the individual contact Profile tab. Select:
    • Custom person to person
  • Person to Org: This type of relationship is used to assign staff members to new organizations or contacts. You may assign this relationship on both the Organization and Individual profiles. Select:
    • Account Manager
    • Sales Representative
    • Project Manager
    • Customer Service
    • Ambassador
    • Trainer
    • Mentor
    • Custom person to org


IMPORTANT! If a child organization should inherit the parent organization's membership status, the System Relationship Type MUST be set to "Location".


To create new relationship type

  1. Select Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select Contact Relationship Types in the Miscellaneous section.
  3. On the Contact Relationship Types screen click Add.
  4. On the Add Contact Relationship type screen:
    1. Select the desired System Relationship Type. These relationship types drive where the contact relationship type can be assigned in the software. For example, if you are creating a relationship type for your staff to member, select Person to Org.
    2. Enter a Name for the relationship type.
    3. (Optional) Enter a Description for the relationship type.
  5. Click Done.


NOTE: Using the System Relationship Type Location will automatically attach the child to the parent's membership. It will count as one membership with multiple records attached. The parent will remain the owner of the membership.


To change/edit the relationship type

If you have previously set up a relationship type and used the incorrect system relationship type, you can change the type.


  1. Select Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Select Contact Relationship Types in the Miscellaneous section.
  3. Open the relationship type by clicking on the name.
  4. Select the appropriate system relationship type from the dropdown.
  5. Click Done.

This change will only affect relationships assigned AFTER the change; it will not change/update an existing relationship already in place.


To update an existing relationship

If you have changed the relationship type and need to apply it to an existing relationship, you must first sever or remove the existing relationship, and then re-establish a new relationship using the updated relationship type.

  1. Go to the contact you wish to update.
  2. Remove the existing relationship by clicking the X icon to the right of the relationship listed in either the Child Organizations or Parent Organizations section, whichever is appropriate. 

    Child Relationship:

    Parent Relationship:
  3. Re-establish the relationship by clicking the + icon in either the Child Businesses or Parent Businesses section, whichever is appropriate.
  4. Complete the Parent or Related Organization information as needed and select the preferred/updated relationship type. See Manage Child/Parent Relationship Types for more information. 
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