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Add a Child Relationship to a Business/Organization
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  1. On the Contact Overview tab, click the    in the Child Organizations section.
  2. On the Add Related Organization screen:
    • Select the desired Relationship Type from the drop-down list, or click the   icon to add a new relationship type. See Contact Relationship Types for information on setting up relationship types.
    • Type in the Related Organization name. If the related organization exists in the database, the field will automatically populate. If the related organization does not exist in the database, you will first need to set it up as a contact prior to setting up the relationship.
  3. Click Done.


Once a child relationship has been created, the system will automatically create a parent relationship for the parent contact.


IMPORTANT: If you wish the child to inherit the parent's membership, you must choose a Contact Relationship Type set to System Relationship = Location. This is the trigger that tells the system that the child should inherit the parent's membership. See Contact Relationship Types.


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