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Add a New Committee
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Click Lists/Committees in the Navigation Panel. A listing of all lists/committees configured in your database will display. On installation of the software, common lists have been populated, such as Current StaffAmbassadors, etc. You may use these lists as configured, or customize them to meet your needs.


Click the Add List/Committee button.


Configure the following on the Add/Edit Committee screen:

  • Name - Enter a name for the new list. Use a name that well describes this list, as it will be displayed in the To line of your emails.
  • Category - Select the category to which you want to associate this list. Categorizing will make it easier to filter and report on this list.
  • Established On - If you wish to track when this group list was started, enter an established on date.
  • Show When Unsubscribing: If you wish contacts to see this list when they click the unsubscribe link, enable this option.
  • Description - (Optional) Provide a description of the list.
  • Sponsor - (Optional) Enter the name of the committee sponsor .
  • Meeting Time Description - (Optional) Enter information about the meeting times for this committee.
  • Default Term (Months) - (Optional) Enter the default term length that members may sit on this committee.
  • General Settings:
    • Is Active - Select this check-box to activate this list. If the list is not activated, it will not be displayed.
    • Users Can Contact - Select this option if you wish to allow all users to contact members of this committee.
    • Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution - If you are using a third party solution, such as Constant Contact, select this option to synchronize this group to your solution.
    • Disallow Opt Out - Select this option if you do not wish members on the list/committee to be able to opt out. (Lists like a Board of Directors, for example- you would not want them to unsub or opt out of the committee!)
  • Public Display Options
    • Public Allowed to View List: Select this option if you display this list on your public pages. When this option is selected the Hub Display Options will be enabled, and you can choose to your members to view the list in the Info Hub by clicking Users Allowed to View List.
    • Public Can Join: Enable this option if you wish to allow the public to join this list. When enabled, you can select to allow your members to join by enabling Users Can Join.

Click Done.

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