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Add Report Contacts to a List/Committee
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You can easily create a list from a report. For Example: If you wish to communicate with your dropped members, you can generate the Dropped Membership Report, and create a list.


You can then easily communicate with these contacts.


  1. Define the desired filters for your report and run your report.
  2. When you have the data set you are looking for, click the ellipsis  next to the Run Report button. This will expand the report options flyout menu.
    Our final report results, and the expanded Report Options menu.
  3. Select the Add to List option. This will open the Add Contacts to List window.
    • From the List/Committees drop-down, select the name of the list to which you wish to add members (this option will allow you to add the members to an existing list) OR click the   to create a new list. See Add a New Email List for further instructions on creating the list.
    • Select the Replace existing contacts if you wish to replace all of the contacts in an existing list with the results of your report. This will remove any contacts previously in the list but not listed in the report results!
    • Select If Organization, add primary contact instead if your report has been generated based organization data, and you wish to create a list of the primary contacts instead.  Using this option will create/add to the list using the primary contact as the contact in the list instead of the organization. This will provide a list that is built on the contact info of the people instead of the organization.
  4. Click Done.
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