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Add a report as a Favorite Report
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If you frequently use the same report, you can save it as a favorite. This will flag the report with a gold star icon, and place it near the top of the list of reports in the Reports module.


  1. Select the report you wish to run and define the desired filters, Fields to Display, and any Summarize By options for your report.
  2. Run the report.
  3. Once you have your results, click the ellipsis  next to the the Run Report button and select Add as Favorite Report. NOTE: unless you have saved the report filters by using the Save as New Report option, adding a report as a favorite will not save the filtering criteria you have set up for this report. Save the report as a New Report first, then add it as a favorite!
    Adding a report as a favorite

You can easily filter to your Favorite reports by going to the Reports module and selecting Favorite from the Quick Filter  dropdown.

Filtering the Reports module to Favorite reports


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