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Variable Dues - Auto-assign Levels
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With your variable dues, you have the ability to "auto-assign" levels to your members. Assignment is based on one of the factors included in your formula.


For example, include full-time employees in your formula, then create levels (such as 1 - 50 employees, 51 - 100 employees, etc.). When the number of full-time employees is entered by the applicant on your application form, or by your staff through the back-office enter, the system will automatically assign the member to the correct level. 


The steps to setup auto assignment of levels are:


  1. Create the membership type
  2. Configure pricing options and enable Formula Based Pricing
  3. Create a custom field to be used to determine the level
  4. Setup up levels.


  1. Click Setup > Types (in the Memberships section).

  2. For the desired membership click the pricing hyperlink.

  3. Enable Formula Based pricing and follow the steps in Add Pricing to a Membership Type to complete the pricing setup.
  4. Click Done.
  5. For the desired membership, click the Adjust Fields icon.
  6. Choose or create the custom field you wish to base levels off of. See Setup Membership Type Custom Fields/Questions for instructions. IMPORTANT: Field type must be integer or decimal in order for the system to perform calculations. 
  7. On the Membership Type tab, click the <No Levels> link in the Levels column, for the membership to which you wish to add levels. NOTE: If you have already added levels, click the numbered link.

  8. Select the field to determine the level assignment from the Field Used to Determine Level (Min and Max are set with each level)  list. Fields displayed are those you have selected for your variable dues formula. No option will be displayed if you have not completed step 6.
  9. In the Levels section, click the   icon, to add levels.
  10. Enter a Name for the level.
  11. Enter the Minimum Units (>=) and Maximum Units (<=) values to be used in determining if the member should be assigned to this level. For example, if you have a level for 1 - 50 employees, enter a Minimum of 1 and a Maximum of 50. A member who enters 1 to 50 full-time employees (inclusive) would be assigned to this level
  12. Add fees. If you have created base fees on the pricing tab, the fees added here will be in addition to those fees.   
  13. Click Done.
  14. Repeat steps 4 - 7 above to add additional levels.
  15. Click Done.
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