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Setup Membership Type Custom Fields/Questions
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For each Membership Type, you can add/edit the fields you wish to include on your application form:


  1. Click Setup the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Types tab in the Memberships section. A list of membership types currently setup in your system will be displayed.

  3. Click the   icon in the Actions column.

  4. For each of the fields in the standard list, you can configure whether these are displayed on the application for, as well as whether they are required.
    • About Designations: these must be set up BEFORE you can enable them for the membership application. See Configure Designations for more info.
  5. You may add additional fields to your application, in the Membership Application Custom Fields section,  by clicking the   icon. Learn more about Custom Fields.  NOTE: Custom fields do not need to be unique for each membership type. If you have previously created the custom field needed, simply select it from the Existing Custom Field list.


    IMPORTANT: Table-type custom fields do not work on the membership application. Use Multi-line Text fields instead.


  6. Repeat Step 5 above to add additional custom fields.
  7. (Optional) Click the Advanced Options check-box to add custom fields that are an attribute of the Membership Type itself. These fields are not included on the application form, but may be for internal use. For Example: You may include a yes/no checkbox custom field that indicates if it should or should not sync with an API.
  8. Click Done to save.


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