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Manage Courtesy Memberships
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IMPORTANT: If a Courtesy memberships is associated with a Membership Type that is setup with an End type of Automatically Expires, it will drop at the expiration date (or after the grace period, if applicable) just like any other membership. If you desire that your Courtesy membership should not expire, set the End Type override (found under Advanced Options) to Manually Ended


Add a Courtesy Membership

At times you may wish to offer a courtesy membership. When adding a courtesy membership, no invoicing or recurring fee schedules will be created. Follow the steps as described in Add a Membership to a Contact, and select the Courtesy check-box. If there are fees associated to the membership, remove each by clicking the X. 



  1. On the contact's Profile tab, navigate to the Membership section.
  2. Click the  button for the membership you wish to convert.
  3. Select Upgrade membership.

  4. If the membership you wish to assign is the same as the courtesy membership, select a different membership from the Membership Type list, then select the actual membership that you wish to assign.
  5. Clear the Courtesy check-box. Verify the next bill date and update as appropriate
  6. Edit and/or update any additional fields.
  7. Click Done.
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