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Add New Account to Your Chart of Accounts
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IMPORTANT: QuickBooks desktop only...If your QuickBooks Chart of Account contains sub-accounts, and you plan to use the Accounting Transaction Export, you must enter the account numbers in the Chart of Accounts. See more about the Accounting Transaction Export here.


  1. Click Setup in the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Chart of Accounts in the Finance section. A list to the accounts currently configured in your system will be displayed.

  3. Click the Add button.

  4. Configure the following settings:
    a. Name: This is the name of the account. This name must match exactly the name of the account in your general accounting software.
    b. Number: This is the number associated with this account.
    c. Account Description: Enter a description of this account. This is for informational purposes only.
    d. Is Active: Select the check-box to activate this account. If the account is not activated, it will not be available for use within the software.
    e. Type: Select the type of account from the drop-down list.
    f. Chapter: If applicable, select the chapter associated with this account.
  5. Click Done to save the new account.


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