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Constant Contact Integration
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Through your GrowthZone software, you can sync contacts in your Lists/Committees to Constant Contact. Any additions, changes or deletions made to lists/committees that you have set to Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution will synchronize to Constant Contact near real-time.


NOTE: You may synchronize as many groups (lists/committees) as you wish with Constant Contact. See Setting Up Lists/Committees for information on configuring your lists/committees to synchronize to a third party newsletter.


  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Constant Contact in the Integrations section.

  3. Click Connect.

  4. Enter your credentials for Constant Contact, and click Log-in.

  5. Click Allow on the Allow Access screen. This process authorizes the connection between GrowthZone and Constant Contact. Once completed, you will see the ConstantContact status updated to Connected.


After initial connection, click the Sync button. This will synchronize all of your existing lists/committees, that are set to you Synchronize Contacts with authorized third party newsletter solution, with Constant contact. NOTE: Only contacts with a default/primary email address and where Do Not Contact is not enabled, will be synchronized to Constant Contact.


Constant Contact Synchronization

Once your system is setup to synchronize to Constant Contact, the following additions, edits, and deletions performed in GrowthZone will be sent to Constant Contact in near real-time (usually within ten minutes):


  • A new List/Committee is added to GrowthZone with “Synchronize contacts with authorized third party newsletter” set: The new list/committee is added to Constant Contact.
  • A new contact (with valid default/primary email address) is added to the List/Committee in GrowthZone: The new contact is added within that group in Constant Contact
  • A new contact (with valid default/primary email address) is added to the List/Committee in GrowthZone with Do Not Contact is set: The new contact is NOT synchronized to Constant Contact
  • The “Do Not Contact” check-box is set for an existing contact in the List/Committee within GrowthZone: The existing contact is disabled in Constant Contact, and removed from the list/committee in Constant Contact.
  • The "Do Not Contact" check-box is cleared for an existing contact in the List/Committee within GrowthZone: If the contact, that would previously have been disabled in Constant Contact, is re-enabled.
  • An existing contact's name and/or default email address is changed (and the contact belongs to the List/Committee synched to Constant Contact): The updated contact information is sent to Constant Contact.
  • An existing contact is removed from a List/Committee in GrowthZone: The contact is removed from the List/Committee in Constant Contact. If the contact is not a part of other lists, the contact is disabled.
  • If a List/Committee is deleted from GrowthZone: The List/Committee is deleted from Constant Contact. If there are contacts in the Lists/Committees, and those contacts belong to no other Lists/Committees, they are disabled in Constant Contact.
  • A contact who is in multiple Lists/Committees in GrowthZone is deleted from GrowthZone: The contact is deactivated in Constant Contact.


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