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Issue a Partial Refund
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The Payments tab will display a list of all payments you have received. From this tab, you will be able to do a partial refund.


NOTE: If you are working with an event registration and are trying to correct an incorrect registration type, issuing the partial refund is the LAST STEP in that process. Unapply the existing payment first, correct the registration (by canceling and re-registering), re-apply the payment to the new registration, THEN issue the partial refund.

ALSO: be aware if you have the Auto Refund Stop Date enabled! If Auto Refund Stop Date is enabled (i.e. is turned on with a date configured), REMOVE THE DATE from the Auto Refund Stop Date field, THEN perform the steps in the order listed above. You may re-enable the option after the partial refund is issued.



  1. Select Billing in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Payments tab.


  3. Click the  icon in the Actions column for the payment to which you wish to apply a partial payment. NOTE: If the icon is not displayed, this indicates that a refund has already been created for the item.

  4. Refund Date - The date will default to today's date. You may change it if necessary.
  5. Enter Notes. This is a required field.
  6. In the Refund Items section, the full amount of the fee items will be displayed. To issue a partial refund, enter the amount you wish to refund.
  7. Refund Already Issued By Processor: If this is a refund that is being issued for a credit card, selecting this option will record the refund in the GrowthZone software, without a refund being issued back to the purchaser on the processor side. This is useful when a credit card dispute is lost and the processor automatically refunds the money back to the purchaser as no refund is automatically reflected on the GrowthZone side and must be done manually. Checking the box “Refund already issued by processor” will allow the transaction to be properly refunded so income is not overstated.
  8. Click Done.


If a portion of the payment has been previously refunded, it will show on the Create Refund screen under Already Refunded as shown below.



You can run the Refund Report (Reports > Refund Report) to view a list of all refunds that have been performed. See more information on the Refund Report.  


NOTE: If you are using GrowthZone Pay, a partial refund will appear on the person's statement a little differently than a full refund if the original charge has not yet fully processed. The credit won't appear as a separate line item on the bank statement. Instead, the original charge should post for a lower amount on the customer's statement. This will especially be an issue when a partial refund is issued shortly after the original charge was made. For example, a charge is made for $830.00. A partial refund is issued for $35.00 while the original charge was still listed as pending so the charge was updated to $795.00. There will not be a separate transaction for the refund issued. If the customer has questions on how this shows on their statement, they should contact their bank directly.


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