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Accounting Export Process - Best Practices
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The Accounting Transaction Export file makes it easy for you to show the journal entries created in GrowthZone for import into your accounting software. While this option is available, GrowthZone highly recommends that you simply enter summary information from GrowthZone into your accounting software. See Strategies for Efficient Accounts Receivable Tracking for more information.


IMPORTANT: GrowthZone documentation and support is available for the export of the file only. For instructions and support on the import to QuickBooks, refer to QuickBooks documentation for instructions and support in importing the file to QuickBooks.


There are four options available for export:

  • QuickBooks IIF export (only available for QuickBooks Desktop, not QuickBooks Online).  
  • CSV (generic export option, not targeted to a specific software)
  • Sage 50 (CSV with targets to specific software, only available with U.S. version, not compatible with other versions of Sage)
  • Great Plains Dynamics
    • Columns exported are Account Code, Amount, Description, TrxDate in a tab-delimited format
    • The export has a daily single total for each account* for whatever date range is selected. (*This is not a detailed export of each transaction, but a summary of the account totals for each day.)


IMPORTANT: The IIF export is only available for import to QuickBooks Desktop, NOT QuickBooks Online.


While your businesses processes may vary, we recommend the following as best practice of using the Accounting Transaction Export:



GrowthZone does not support nor will be able to answer questions regarding your QuickBooks configuration or best practices; please reach out to QuickBooks if you have questions regarding the QuickBooks software.

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