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Deactivate or Drop a Primary Agent
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If an agent is no longer a part of an office or has dropped their membership, you can inactivate them in M1 from within GrowthZone. NOTE: It is NOT recommended that you delete individual contact records, as the database maintains historical information about those individuals.

  1. On the agent's Real Estate tab, click the   icon in the M1 Information section.
    Clicking the pencil icon to edit M1 Information.
  2. Set the agent's status to Inactive.
    Setting an agent to inactive in the M1 Information window.
  3. Click Done to save.


Once you have saved, a change transaction is triggered. All fields described in Agent Data sent to M1 (Primary) will be sent to M1 within ten minutes, no additional interaction is required on your part.


Be sure to check the agent's Activity tab for the Integration Sync details; verify that the agent's status has been published to M1 as Inactive before proceeding!


If necessary, go to the agent's Overview tab and remove the agent from the office. You may also drop any memberships the agent has at this time.

  1. On the Agent's Overview tab, click the   icon in the Offices section for the office you wish to remove.
    Editing an office connection on the Agent's Overview tab
  2. Deselect the Active check-box.
    Clearing the checkbox to remove the agent from this office
  3. Click Done to save.
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