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MRED - Add an Office
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  1. For the desired office, click the Real Estate tab.
  2. Click the    icon in the MLS - MRED section.
  3. On the Add MLS ID screen, Dependent on your system configuration, you will be able to use the office NRDS ID as the MLS ID, enter a custom MLS ID or generate an MLS ID.  IMPORTANT: Once you click Done you will not be able to edit the ID. If this is an existing office that has an MLS ID in MRED enter that MLS ID.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Click the    icon in the MLS Information section.
  6. On the Edit MRED MLS Office Information screen enable Sync with MLS.
  7. Complete the following information, an asterisk indicates a required field. Refer to for details descriptions of the fields:
    • MLS Head Office ID*: Enter the MLS ID for this office's head office. If the office does not have a head office, enter this office's MLS ID.
    • MLS Status*: Select Active from the list.
    • Join Date: Enter the date this office joined MRED
    • Term Date: Not applicable
    • Office License Number: Enter the license number, issued by the state, for this office.
    • Broker Reciprocity: Enable this check-box if the office participated in broker reciprocity.
  8. Click Done.


The information listed in Data sent to MRED for an Office will automatically be sent to MRED, with no further interaction on your part.


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