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Create Custom Fields specific to an Individual Registration Type
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NOTE: This option is available for those using Events Registration Version 2.


At times there may be custom fields that are only applicable to specific registration types. For Example, if you are holding a golf tournament which includes registration fees for those actually golfing (and you need to ask for their handicap), but also offer a registration fee to attend just the awards banquet (in which case you would not need to ask for the handicap). By associating the registration type to a custom field, the custom field will only display when that specific registration type is selected. When no selections are made under the Advanced Options, all custom fields created are displayed for all registration types.


  1. Create the Custom Field as described above.
  2. Enable the Advanced Options check-box.
  3. Select the Registration Type for which this custom field should be displayed.
  4. Click Done.


NOTE: A custom field may only be associated to one registration type. If you have multiple registration types that need to use the same custom field, you will need to create multiple custom fields.
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