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Add a Simple Paid Registration Type
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For events where you need to charge one fee per attendee, you will want to configure a Simple Paid Registration type. This option will register one person per fee item.



  1. On the event Attendee Setup tab, click the Actions button in the Registration Types section.
  2. Click Add Simple Paid Registration Type.
  3. Enter a Name for the Registration Type.
  4. Enter the Max Available. This option will limit the number of registrations available, and will not allow registration with this type when the limit has been met.  NOTE: If the Max Attendees setting is being used as well, that setting will override this setting (if Max Attendees is set to 100, and this is set to 120, once the total number of registrations reaches 100, no more registrations will be available.) 0 is unlimited.
  5. Limit Per Purchase: Specify the number of registrations of this type available to purchase in a single registration. For example, if your members may only purchase a single ticket of this type for this event, enter "1" here.  0 is unlimited.
  6. Enter a Description for this registration type. Registrants will be able to view the description of the fee item by clicking on the fee item link on the registration page.
  7. Availability - these settings allow you to define which users can register with this type of registration. This would also display the registration types on your public page.
    • Everyone: both Members and Non-Members may purchase this registration type.
    • Members: this registration type will only be available to Members (requires at minimum email address verification).
      • Is Displayed for Non-Members: this will activate when the Members option is selected. Enabling this will allow Non-Members to see the registration type, but not select it.
      • Limit to Memberships: you can further restrict purchase of this registration type to specific membership types (requires at minimum email address verification).
    • Non-Members: this registration type will only be available to Non-Members (requires at minimum email address verification).
    • Staff Only: this registration type will only be visible to staff when using the Register (As Staff) option.
    • Only with Sponsor/Exhibitor (requires Sponsors/Ads module or Expo module): if your event has sponsors and/or exhibitors, you may set up a registration type solely for their registrations. This registration type is not visible to the public and only appears in the Sponsor/Exhibitor Setup for those registration types.
  8. Select the Fee Item to assign to this registration fee from the drop-down list. Click here for information on configuring fee items.
    • The Price will automatically be populated if it was populated when the fee item was configured. You may change the price if needed.
    • If you are using QuickBooks classes, assign the appropriate type.
  9. Benefit Items (requires the Benefit Tracking module): If the member can use a benefit item to purchase this registration, select the benefit item from the list. NOTE: this requires the event's Member Validation be set to Member Logs In (Most Restrictive). Members MUST log in when registering to receive any benefits they may be assigned!
  10. Click Done.


Member Pricing vs Non-Member Pricing: Addendum

GrowthZone validates membership on a per-registration basis, not on a per-attendee basis. This means that a member can log in and receive member pricing for anyone they choose to register, regardless if that attendee is a member or not. There is currently an improvement in development that will enable GrowthZone to limit a member to a single registration, but we are unable to accommodate development of true per-attendee validation at this time.



  • On the event description, make sure to mention in the description that members are not allowed to register non-members at the member rate. It may be good to add examples: “Non-members, spouses, etc are not allowed to register at the member rate. Those that do will be notified and could result in a canceled registration.”
  • You are able to add descriptions to each registration type, which may help give more information when they are deciding which registration types to add.
  • Utilize the registration instructions and the event confirmation messaging to help with this message as well.
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