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Re-send a Previously Sent Event Invite
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From any tab in the event:


  1. Click the three dots in the bar to the right of the event name and select "Re-Send Event Invite".

  2. The Send Email window will open. The software will look to your previously sent email, and create a group of those that have "Not Responded Yet", as shown in the image below.

    The Send Email screen will automatically populate the subject line with "Event Invite", you may change this to better describe your event. The message will default to the Event Invite template, used when you sent the initial invite.

  3. Edit the email or template to meet your specific needs.
  4. If you want to schedule the email to be sent at a future date, enter a date in the Delay Delivery Until text box.
  5. Click Send to send the email (or Schedule if sending on a future date).
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